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This consultant develops severe interpreting talents with fabric that's demanding, age-appropriate, and high-interest.

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C. important and meaningful. d. unpleasant and distasteful. EXERCISE 3 We can’t emphasize enough the importance of being able to determine word meaning from context. In reading comprehension, everything rests on your ability to understand the ideas in each sentence. If you don’t know what a word means, you may completely misunderstand an important sentence—and that means you could misunderstand the whole passage. So, here’s another practice. This one may be more challenging, since these vocabulary words aren’t exactly real words!

The top of the table is the overall main idea—what the writer thinks, believes, or knows about the subject. But the table won’t stand without legs to support it. In writing, those legs are the specific facts and ideas that support the overall main idea. If the text is just one paragraph, then we can think of the topic sentence as the table top and the supporting sentences as the table legs. If the text is several paragraphs (or pages) long, then we have a series of tables on top of tables. Each leg is actually its own paragraph.

Look carefully at the words and sentences surrounding the unfamiliar word. You’ll often find clues that will tell you what the word means. Even if you can’t figure out the exact meaning of a word, you can usually tell whether the word means something positive or negative. Skill Building until Next Time 1. Before you look up any unfamiliar words this week, try to figure out what they mean from their context. For example, if you come across an unfamiliar word while you’re surfing the Web, use the context around that word to determine its meaning.

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