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By Andrey Yury Filchenko

A reference grammar of the endangered indigenous japanese Khanty dialects of Vasyugan and Alexandrovo of the Uralic language kinfolk has been constructed. The learn bases at the corpus of usual narrative discourse, and is decided in a normal cognitive-functional, usage-based version of language. the outline addresses the most styles of the japanese Khanty language method and gives a few typological contextualization of the reviewed language info. the outline covers the problems in phonology, word-classes, morphology, syntax and semantics of easy and complicated clauses. within the sector of phonology, such systematic positive aspects as powerful backness vowel concord and consonant-vowel concord are analyzed within the articulatory gesture framework. Morphologically, the procedure is agglutinating with suffixation dominant in derivation and inflection. Syntactically, jap Khanty styles as a standard SOV language. Occasional non-prototypical beneficial properties comprise non-canonical argument marking alongside ergative trend opposed to the final history of Nom-Acc method of GR association. In mapping of the pragmatic functions---to semantic roles---to grammatical kinfolk, japanese Khanty exhibits robust choice in the direction of Topic-initiality, mostly mapped onto Agent semantic position. This choice continues to be dominant in detransitivisation operations, the place the prototypical mapping is altered in the direction of Topic-Target-S that in general has to do with the parenthetical demotion of pragmatic prestige of the Agent referent and advertising of the non-Agent. research of jap Khanty complicated clauses finds powerful use of finite and non-finite (participial, infinitival and converbial) structures as relative, adverbial and supplement clauses in typologically universal recommendations of clause-linking. conventional discrete differentiation into subordinate and coordinate forms in response to morphosyntactic standards looks insufficient, divorced from the structural range of the saw complicated clauses. Cognitive-functional technique is used as an alternative, implying a common approach of construal of associated occasions, attractive to cognitive relatives among states-of-affairs, instead of specific structural capacity. This leads to a continuum of combinable gains finding every one clause on the subject of both the subordinate or coordinate prototypes. Clause-linkage ideas are relating to the pragmatic differentiation of data in utterances, with pragmatics, details structuring elements being on the center of the excellence among the subordination and coordination.

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