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This grammar presents an total description of Gaagudju, a now approximately extinct language of northern Australia. Gaagudju differs from such a lot formerly defined Australian languages in a couple of methods. It exhibits marked adjustments within the realizations of under pressure and unstressed syllables. It has complicated platforms of prefixation in addition to suffixation. there's a transparent contrast among efficient and unproductive morphology, with a large number of the morphology being unproductive. whereas note order is mostly loose, strictly ordered phrasal compounding buildings are vital.

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The word-final tap in forms from the manaarr paradigm undergoes the same lenition processes as other word-final taps. 10). There are some examples where /rr/ is deleted, when it occurs as a syllable coda in an unstressed word-initial syllable. ' [aajiclagGc(eegana=g0odo] The few available examples all involve the 1st Absolutive prefix arr-. M. B. who uses the variant with a final /rr/. Segmental phonology 31 intermediate voiceless tap stage. Unstressed word-initial syllables are particularly likely to undergo general lenition processes.

On initial and provisional investigations it 24 Chapter 2 does not appear that length is a significant parameter phonetically for stops in Gaagudju. Voicing does appear to be a significant phonetic parameter. It appeared to me that stops were generally voiced in Gaagudju. Indeed, stops are not merely generally voiced in Gaagudju, they are also commonly lenited. 8. For overview purposes, we may note that approximant realisations are quite common for the labial and velar stops, tap realisations are common for the apical stops, and that continuant realisations are common for all kinds of stops.

2-15) η : rn 1: rl marlandjibaardal 'to become dark' 'tree sp' maardarn maarlarl 'few' 'leaf Retroflexion is usually distinguishable by a fairly clear [X] off-glide on the preceding vowel. Vowels also tend to be slightly longer before retroflexes than before alveolare. Distinguishing alveolars and retroflexes is chiefly problematic when they occur as the initial consonant in a stressed syllable. 3). ] off-glide and the length distinction tend to be lost, and it is frequently only in more careful speech that the nature of a following apical consonant can be determined.

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