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Even though Lavukaleve is the first language for most Lavukals, most people, especially younger people, are also fluent in Pijin. In the West Russells, people live a very traditional 9 1 - I NTRODUCTION lifestyle and have little access to town and outside influences, and all children grow up learning Lavukaleve as their first language. In the East Russells however, an area much closer to Yandina both geographically and socially, Pijin is slowly taking over, and many families do not speak Lavukaleve to their children.

Up -i -PSV He went up. 4 for discussion of this construction type. 4 CHANGE IN VOWEL QUALITY There are two morphophonemic processes that change vowel quality. The first is an assimilation process involving the Nominaliser suffix -e~-i. The second is a process which changes the last vowel of an utterance when it is being called out. 36 2 - PHONOLOGY AND MORPHOPHONOLOGY A SSIMILATION WITH THE NOMINALISER SUFFIX -E~-I The Nominaliser suffix -e~-i assimilates in quality with the final vowel of the verb stem: The suffix is realised as: -e after a stem-final -a or -o -i after a stem-final -u -¿ after a stem-final -e or -i For example: honia lo iru ve lei ÔknowÕ ÔfinishÕ ÔsleepÕ ÔgoÕ ÔbeÕ honia-e lo-e iru-i ve-¿ lei-¿ ÔknowledgeÕ ÔendÕ ÔsleepingÕ Ôway, methodÕ Ôbeing, existenceÕ The first two realisations of the Nominaliser suffix are simply due to a process of assimilation.

9), when this loss of the final vowel creates a monosyllabic noun, then this stress shift rule applies to some words but not others: 'fina 'e-fin ÔbelongingsÕ Ôour belongingsÕ 'langi o-'lang ÔnameÕ Ôhis nameÕ but: If there were a fixed rule to cover these situations, it would be possible to say that the two rules, loss of final vowel for prefixed nouns, and stress shift for prefixed monosyllabic nouns, must be ordered with respect to each other. However the fact that both patterns appear shows that the rules do not have a fixed ordering with respect to each other.

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