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The table below illustrates the pairing of the noun classes into genders. cl. Pref. cl. Pref. CC 2 #k"- b #-  1 Mutaka (2003) proposes an alternative analysis for similar cases in Ewondo where he considers the nasal element as the primary prefix. IØ QØ and PØ), he treats as pre-prefixes. 28 a) Ø- ¦ #- b) N- ¦ #- 3 ! 5 7 9 19 "k#! d#! N%k#! n #- j #j f #- 6 $k#! m #- 8 10 k#! N- dz #dz #- In the table, the noun classes, noun prefixes and concord consonants are indicated. Following each concord consonant is a floating tone associated with the class.

I"i#i& ³GHVFHQGDQWIURPKLJKHU JHRJUDSKLFDOUHJLRQ´ b. 'w'wÓw& ³RQH ZKR PRYHG XS IURP a lower (geographical) UHJLRQ´ c. (")Í(")Í& ³autochthon 2ULJLQDOVHWWOHU ´ d. ')³')³³& ³RQH ZKR PRYHG LQWR WKH FLW\ from a UHPRWHDUHD´ e. '­'­­& ³RQHZKRPRYHGLQWRFLW\IURP unspecified area / foreigner´ from "i#Ä& ³GHVFHQG´ from 'wÓ{& ³FOLPE´ from from (")Ñ& ³VLWVWD\´ ')³·& ³UHWXUQ IURP farm/bush´ '­¯& ³HQWHU´ from The reduplication process here can be described as partial since the original member of the reduplicant has lost either the vowel length (d-e) or one syllable (a ± b) characteristic of the original verb.

H. i. 2. Minor genders Minor genders consist of much fewer words than the major genders above. They are probably of closed classes. (vii) Gender 3b/10 (assorted nouns) (29) a. b. c. d. e. /y1$ (viii) Gender 7/6 (assorted nouns) (30) a. b. c. d. e. &dd$ µIRRWIHHW¶ µMRE V ¶ µNQHH V ¶ µHQHUJ\¶ µRDWKWHVWDPHQW V ¶ (ix) Gender 7/10 (assorted nouns) (31) a.  b. (`` µWKLQJ V ¶ µVSLGHU V ¶ 31 c. 3. Single class genders Nouns that are always either in the singular only or in the plural only are found in all classes in Bafut.

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