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Felicity Clairemont has come to Spain to assert her inheritance. regrettably that suggests spending time with the Duque Vidal y Salvadores—and the darkly good-looking Spaniard has regularly made it simple what he thinks of her.The final time Vidal observed Fliss, his feelings have been strong—he hated and sought after her with equivalent degree. yet now honor calls for he needs to aid her. because the fact approximately Fliss's kin comes flooding out, and the facility in their stormy charm takes carry, can Vidal admit how mistaken he is been approximately her…?

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Even now, seven years later, he could still taste the anger that had soured his heart and seared his soul. A bleak black burning anger that Felicity’s presence here was re-igniting. Vidal flexed the tense muscles of his shoulders. The sooner this whole business was over and done with and Felicity was on a plane on her way back to the UK the better. When Felipe had been dying, and had told him how badly he felt about the past, Vidal had encouraged him to make reparation via his will to the child he had fathered and then been forced to abandon.

He was cruel and arrogant. Willing to destroy others without compunction so that he could have his own way. ‘You had no right to stop me knowing my father, or denying me the right to at least see if he could love me. ’ She could feel the aching burn of her emotions in the hot tears that threatened to flood her eyes. Tears! She would never—must never—ever cry in front of this man. She must never show him any weakness. Never. ’ Fliss hurled accusations at him in furious self-defence. She’d say and do anything to stop him guessing at the pain within her that his words had touched.

Crushed and turned into bitterness and anger. ‘Fliss, darling, you must promise me that you will not attempt to make contact with your father again,’ her mother had warned her with tears in her eyes, after Vidal had returned to Spain and it had been just the two of them again. Of course she had given her that promise. She had loved her mother too much to want to upset her—especially when … No! She would not allow Vidal to drag her back there, to that searingly shameful place that was burned into her pride for life.

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