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Syntactically conversing, it has lengthy been recognized that noun words are parallel to clauses in lots of respects. whereas such a lot syntactic theories comprise this precept, nouns have ordinarily been considered as not as good as verbs when it comes to their licensing talents, and nominal projections were considered as much less advanced than verbal projections by way of the variety of sensible different types that they comprise. Ogawa, notwithstanding, argues that clauses and noun words are completely parallel. This publication offers a unified idea of clauses and noun words, eventually supporting to simplify various thorny matters within the syntax/morphology interface.

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Zhangsan bu changchang Lisi. ' b. Zhangsan changchang bu Lisi. Verb Raising and Null Complementizers 29 As expected, the null C is possible (in fact, required) in Chinese: (25) Akiu renwei Lisi hui xuan ta-ziji. ' On the other hand, to the best of my knowledge, in every language in which complementizer must be overtly realized in an indicative nonfactive complement clause, the verb that selects it undergoes obligatory overt raising. In the following eight subsections, I demonstrate this point by focusing on eight typologically unrelated language families and the historical development of English.

265). If he is correct in correlating the absence of V-raising with the absence of overt distinct morphological plural marking, there should be no V-raising in the matrix clause in (54), either, since the morphological inflection on verbs does not differ in the matrix and embedded clauses in Norwegian. If the matrix main verb does not raise, the null C in a complement clause can adjoin to it, and it is licensed in the same way as in English. As in the Germanic SOV languages, in the context of the matrix 40 A Unified Theory of Verbal and Nominal Projections topicalization, the finite verbs in these languages must be located in a clausesecond position: (55) a.

2 (5) *[[X+Y]+Z], where X is any element, Y is an inflectional affix, whether overt or null, and Z is a derivational affix. We suppose that condition (5) applies not in the lexicon but to the output of Morphology, the module that we assume to exist in the PF component after Spell- Verb Raising and Null Complementizers 23 Out (cf. chapter 1; cf. also Halle and Marantz 1993, Nishiyama 1998). This means that 'lexically zero-derived' words and words to which a null morpheme has affixed in the overt syntax are both constrained by (5).

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