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This monograph addresses concerns, stages and adverbials. It proposes that there's a correlation among the section constitution, the tripartite quantificational constitution and the knowledge constitution of the sentence. This correlation performs an incredible function not just in referential and information-structural houses of arguments and the verb but in addition in adverbial homes. for example, the research indicates that yes sentence adverbials can take place within the sentence-final place within the vice chairman part once they signify the intense price with admire to the set of concentration choices. The proposed correlation additionally turns into vital in anaphoric family with appreciate to adjuncts. purely an R-expression spelled out and interpreted within the CP part of an accessory clause can corefer with the coindexed pronoun. The research additionally discusses adverbial ordering and indicates that the relative order of convinced adverbials will be reversed in the event that they take place in numerous levels. The monograph will attract syntacticians and linguists attracted to the connection among syntax and its interfaces.

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For present purposes, only the focus domain with the object, adverbial and the verb is relevant, as indicated by the context question.  Adverbials and the Phase Model since it can be coordinated with another DP. (17c) then shows that zastřelila psa is a constituent and so can be coordinated with another similar type of vP. As shown in (17d), odpoledne zastřelila psa is a constituent – which contains the constituent zastřelila psa – and can be coordinated with a constituent of the same type: večer nakrmila kočku.

G. Chomsky (1977, 1986). This means that 30. The second step of object shift is the phonological movement Disl. ╇ Phrasal movement  long movement successively targets the edge of every phase. 31 Firstly, there are, in fact, two types of the EPP-feature and they behave differently. , by an expletive. The second type of the EPP-feature is added directly onto the phase head after exhausting its lexical subarray and is checked by movement, this is the EPP-feature on v and other phase heads inducing object shift or successive-cyclic movement.

33) nedodělal t1. ’ Similar scope effects are observable in sentences where the direct object crosses a quantified adverbial, as demonstrated by example (34). It is obvious from the foregoing discussion that nothing blocks the temporal adverbial from being left-adjoined to vP above the OS position of the direct object. If Chomsky (2001) is right and Disl is a phonological movement, then the direct object moved from the OS position – which is c-commanded by the temporal adverbial – to a higher position by the phonological rule Disl should not take scope over the quantified adverbial.

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