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By Marvin W. Falk

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Permafrost can reach depths of several thousand feet, and even when the surface few feet melt, it keeps water from passing through to the sub-strata all year round. By limiting the absorption of precipitation, it keeps a great deal of water at the surface even in arid regions, supporting tundra and taiga ecosystems and numerous lakes. Permafrost does not allow normal construction and development techniques. Buildings placed on permafrost with an inadequate thermal shield will melt the permafrost and the structure will begin to sink.

The Athabascans mostly occupied the interior of Alaska, but some also lived on the coast, in the Cook Inlet region. In order to follow the shifting game concentrations, they were more nomadic than other coastal peoples. There are many Athabascans in Canada too. The Athabascan language is very closely related to the Navajo of the Southwestern United States. There are at present approximately 7,000 Athabascans in Alaska. The largest population of Southeast Indians are the Tlingits. Numbering about 12,000, they dominated commerce between coastal areas and the Indians of the nearby Canadian interior.

Elias chain (200 by 100 miles) runs along the coast through the Southeast region of Alaska. This range contains some of the world's largest glaciers and some of the highest mountains in North America: Mt. ; Mt. St. ; and numerous other peaks higher than any other mountains in the United States, outside Alaska. Alaska has more than three million lakes, 94 of which are larger than 10 square miles in surface area. The largest of these are Lake Iliamna (315 square miles) and Naknek (242 square miles).

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