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By Jean Armstrong (auth.)

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When the pigs decide to get up an hour later in the morning , awarding themselves a further privilege, 'no complaint was made'. Gradually the response of the animals is changing, they have become accustomed to mistrusting their own senses and memories and to accepting Squealer's justifications. They no longer dispute anything. The climax of this group of examples is the blaming of Snowball for the destruction of the windmill. Why do they not realise that Napoleon is lying, we may ask, for all the facts seem to prove it.

Another contrast is made between the lack of attainment on the part of the animals, who could get no further than the letter A when learning 28 to read and are actually referred to as stupid, and Snowball's complexity of ideas and language. The animals need the Seven Commandments, simple enough in themselves, reduced even further to a slogan while Snowball distinguishes himself by his tortuous reasoning and long words. Notice the careful-contrast of 'did not understand' with 'but they accepted' - a presentation of the trust that is to be betrayed - and 'words' with 'explanation', suggesting the possibility of distorting the truth which is later to be Squealer's speciality.

Snowball is an apt name for the pig Snowball as he represents Trotsky who wanted to pursue world revolution or a 'snowball' effect in the move towards international socialism. It is apt too as he is slandered, or has his name blackened by Squealer, Nal'0leon's propaganda pig, who can turn 'black into white' and, by implication , white into black . Animalism, of course, represents Communism, and the reactions of the animals - the apathy, the stupidity, the loyalty to the 'Master' (Tsar) echo the reactions of many of the Russian people.

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