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By R. Gilles

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Animals and Environmental health: Physiological and Biochemical facets of model and Ecology, quantity 2 includes the lawsuits of the 1st convention of the ecu Society for Comparative body structure and Biochemistry held in Liège, Belgium, on August 27-31, 1979. The papers discover the body structure and biochemistry of animal variation and ecology and canopy themes starting from amino acid delivery and metabolism in the course of osmotic surprise to the position of natural compounds in osmoregulation in crops and animals.
This quantity is constituted of 89 chapters and starts off with an research of the shipping and metabolism of amino acids lower than osmotic tension, through a dialogue on mobile quantity legislation in remoted middle ventricles from the flounder, Platichthys flesus, perfused with anisosmotic media. next chapters concentrate on the results of cholinergic medicines at the osmotic fragility of erythrocytes; thoughts of osmoregulation within the fiddler crab Uca pugilator; ionic legislation within the African catfish Clarias mossambicus in water and air; and environmental and endocrine components controlling osmotic water fluxes in gills of Sarotherodon (tilapia) mossambicus. The impression of seawater edition at the phosphatidyl-choline metabolism within the eel can also be thought of, in addition to evaporative water loss in anuran amphibians.
This booklet can be of worth to zoologists, physiologists, biologists, and biochemists.

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Gas exchanges; water and sodium efflux rates in P. anneotens under different experimental conditions Experimental O2 uptake(ml kg" h" ) CO2 release(ml kg" h~ ) RQ Condition Air Total Water Air Total Water ? 1 ? 02 ? 5 ? 84 ? 45 ? 95, A = Oxgenated water with access to air; B = Deoxygenated water with access to air; C = Oxygenated water without access to air; D = Air only. S. 0. Oduleye 30 There is evidence that changes in environmental conditions, as shown in Table 1, are accompanied by a modulation of respiratory exchanges in Protopterus even while in the aquatic phase (McMahon, 1969; 1970; Oduleye, 1977).

Endocrines and osmoregulation. Springer Verlag. Katz, U. (1973). D. thesis. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with English abstract). B. (1956). Copeia No. 4, 230-237. R. (1965). Aust. J. Zool. 13: 317-330. ELECTROOSMOTIC UPTAKE OF WATER VAPOUR BY LEPISMA J. Kuppers, A. Plagemann and U. Thurm Lehrstuhl fur Neorophysiologie, Zoologisches Institut, Hufferstr. G. ) of 50 % - via the highly specialized terminal region of the rectum. , 1978). , 1968; Thurm, 1974) directed into the enlarged closed subcuticular space.

In the event annectenSj the functional sig­ of a bimodal respiration, as shown by Protopterus nificance of the gill for water and electrolyte exchanges is of interest. Tritiated Water and Sodium Effluxes Since the respiratory pattern of Anabas testudineus varies with the mode of respiration [Hughes and Singh, 1970) a simple experiment was designed to investi­ gate whether such changes are accompanied by changes in branchial water and elec­ trolyte permeabilities. Table 1 shows O2 and CO9 uptake and release and efflux constants for tritiated water (THO) and radio-sodium (Na 22 ) in P.

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