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By Eva Hoffman

ISBN-10: 1590513517

ISBN-13: 9781590513514

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If you don’t mind,” Isabel says, half apologetically. “Of course,” he says, and closes the door carefully behind him. A half-hour of focused blankness, then he’s back, nodding that it is time. She follows him through the backstage messiness, over some wooden plank. Her stomach lurches, horribly, practically turning over. She wants desperately to turn back; she would give anything to be able to turn back. Then the threshold between dark and light, and she’s out there, in the flood of light. She calms instantly, as if shot through by a powerful chemical, or a starry bolt from the spotlights.

Berlin, the betraying city. The shelter with its awful fear was still at the surface of my consciousness and the corpses on the streets, the anonymous bloodied, haphazardly splayed corpses. I had loved the city as a child. Now I hated it with the bitter hatred that grows from within the emptied husk of love. Then the church. I walked in for the warmth. It was filthy cold that day, wind piercing to the bone. And there was the Requiem. I should write that in worshipful calligraphic letters, in special luminous ink.

She wakes up the next morning knowing only that she has a task ahead of her. She puts on her khaki slacks and a loose shirt for practicing, and walks out into a crisp fall day and the sharp clarity of Paris. The enchanting round garden, with its precise iron grisaille framing the flowering trees, themselves pruned to a precision; the spiff and polish of chrome and glass windows in the overpriced shops; the amusingly neat movements of waiters rushing about at the outdoor cafés; a lucid city music.

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