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The Historical Phonology of Common Slavic Recent years have witnessed a spate of comparative grammars of the Slavic languages, with a prominent place given to the history of Common Slavic phonology. Notable among these works (which have come from the pen of such scholars as A. Vaillant, Fr. Arumaa, G. Shevelov) are the studies which offer a structural interpretation of the Slavic prehistorical facts. Z. Stieber's monograph, Zarys gramatyki porównawczej jezyków slowianskich. ), is the latest addition to this series of Slavic phonological studies.

In Istria thev status of s, ζ is not as clear as in the other areas. Cf. Havránek, 1932,119ff. and the criticism of Matecki, 1933,3ff. Trubetzkoy, 1949,124. In Bulgarian, however, which Trubetzkoy quotes as a system with a "classe moyenne de localisation", / a / is clearly a back vowel; cf. Andrejòin, Kostov, Nikolov, 1947,11. But the Slovenian / a / (as shown on spectrograms), and / a / in some western Polish dialects are rather of a front variety. Trubetzkoy, 1949,126-127 Logar, 1956, 37-38 This principle of implication was formulated by Jakobson, 1931,164-182 The state of northern Kashubian word-prosody has been presented in a new light by the observations of Stieber, which show that tone or length distinctions are presently unknown in Kashubian; cf.

G. in such forms as Slov. tama, steblo, dsska;snaha, tasca, masa, zanjem; S-Cr. zanjem, tarem. The list of randomly selected examples (given on p. g. Russ. móju, króju, vs. p'jú, v'jú) and (2) analogical levelling in inflected forms with impermissible clusters (e. g. Slov. tsmá, daská; Russ. pëstryj, tësca, sóxnet). Inserted vowels before sonorants have developed secondarily in all Slavic languages and must not be confused with the above phenomena. The last section of the book (§49) deals with the reduction of vowels, which the author connects with the existence of a "dynamic accent" (i.

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