Karl E. Wagner, Jeff Jones's Book of Kane PDF

By Karl E. Wagner, Jeff Jones

ISBN-10: 0937986739

ISBN-13: 9780937986738

Said first version. First alternate variation certain in grey textile with silver backbone lettering. Illustated through Jeff Jones. A close to high quality replica in a close to tremendous airborne dirt and dust jacket. Small rub to the book's decrease correct nook. The airborne dirt and dust jacket has tiny rubs to its corners yet is in a different way effective.

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V. Tales on a Winter Evening The hunting banquet was a rather dismal affair. These chases often had their fill of danger, and casualties of the hunt were frequently toasted to in memoriam. But five corpses were too many. Men drank their ale too seriously for fun, and in place of the usual raucous horseplay small groups spoke of the weird attack in quiet, anxious tones. The behavior of the wolves was decidedly unnatural, and not a few old legends were retold in the gloomy shadows of the dining hall.

But why any sorcerous power should summon such a blizzard in this wasteland, he could not begin to guess. Surely the Satakis had not evoked it, for it had cheated them of their prey. The horse whinnied fearfully, and Kane decided he had rested as long as he dared. As he remounted, his steed started in fright. Kane sought to soothe the beast, thinking at first he had somehow startled it in mounting. But the horse was genuinely alarmed, he quickly noted—its nostrils flared and eyes widened in fright.

The howling had become more pronounced and seemed to come from many throats. To his keen nostrils came the unmistakable sour scent of damp wolf fur. Somewhere ahead of him—distance was impossible to gauge in the storm—lurked a large pack of wolves. Kane was puzzled once more. From their cries the pack was full in hunt—but it seemed impossible that a wolfpack would be foraging in such a raging blizzard. Perhaps the limits of starvation had driven them abroad, he mused. In that case it was damned lucky that he was downwind.

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Book of Kane by Karl E. Wagner, Jeff Jones

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